Excipient World Academy – Modernizing Excipient Technology

Wednesday 5 October 2022

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As we approach the first anniversary of the launch of the FDA’s Novel Excipient Review Pilot Program, join us for an exciting two-part event focused on excipient innovation.

Day 1 (Wednesday, October 5): Covid Vaccines & Beyond – MRNA vaccine future uses and connection to biologics

Day 2 (Wednesday, October 19): 3D Printing – Characteristics and limitations of excipients designed specifically for 3D printing

We aim for each webinar to have 2-3 presenters total (from academia, industry, and/or regulators) providing different perspectives and insights on a topic.

The audience will be comprised of academic (faculty & students), industry, and regulatory professionals.

The content of the presentations will be purely educational (scientific/technical, not commercial in nature) and either fundamental (requires little or no previous knowledge of the topic) or intermediate (requires some knowledge of the topic).

Each presenter will be alloted approximately 35 minutes. Generally, we ask for our presenters to plan about 20-25 minutes of content and encourage discussion and Q&A throughout.