Webinar – IPEC GDP Audit Guide

The webinar will provide an overview of the recently updated IPEC GDP Audit Guide for Pharmaceutical Excipients 2021.

The revised Audit Guide provides a comprehensive tool together with the related IPEC GDP Guide 2017 for companies auditing the supply chain of pharmaceutical excipients, and is a valuable tool to help auditors conduct a complete audit of all relevant GDP principles for pharmaceutical excipients.

Several incidents in the past were caused by a lack of supply chain security and inappropriate handling of pharmaceutical excipients; this initiated the development of guidelines and principles of GDP to mitigate the risks to excipient safety and quality throughout the supply chain.

The webinar will present the content and the use of the GDP Audit Guide in conjunction with the IPEC GDP Guide.

Learning objectives

Attendees will be able to:

  • Understand general aspects of GDP in the excipient supply chain
  • Understand how the GDP Audit guide relates to the GDP guide
  • Become familiar with structure, content and use of the GDP Audit Guide.

Target audience

  • Excipient manufacturers and distributors
  • Excipient users
  • QA and RA representatives
  • Internal auditors and supplier auditors

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