Experts join forces to improve screening devices to detect substandard and falsified medicines

Eighty participants from 27 countries across Africa, Asia, South-East Asia, Europe and America joined the hybrid workshop called ‘Dashboard Development and Diethylene Glycol/Ethylene Glycol Screening Technologies’ at Jesus College, in Oxford, from April 9 to 12.

IPEC Federation was invited to attend this meeting and was represented by Lene Krogh Christensen (Novo Nordisk/IPEC Europe) in this meeting. Participants were from medicines regulatory agencies in low-, middle- and high-income countries; experts on and developers of screening technologies and other key stakeholders, including the World Health Organization, Interpol, UNICEF, and the United States Pharmacopeia.

The group looked at the current evidence around screening technologies; set out what the knowledge gaps were and how information can be better shared with medicines regulatory authorities and other organisations to inform decisions on buying detection equipment.

Read a short re-cap of the event here.