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Unified voice to promote the best use of excipients in medicines

IPEC Federation is a global organisation that promotes quality and safety in pharmaceutical excipients. Excipients play a critical role in the manufacture of medicines by helping to preserve the efficacy, safety, and stability of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), and helping to ensure that they deliver their promised benefits to patients.

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19 June 2024

Webinar – The role of excipients in determining N-nitrosamine risks for drug products

This webinar provides an overview of the role of excipients in drug product risk assessments, including the recently revised IPEC Federation position paper. The webinar is free of charge for IPEC Members worldwide.

23 May 2024

Experts join forces to improve screening devices to detect substandard and falsified medicines

Eighty participants joined the hybrid workshop called ‘Dashboard Development and Diethylene Glycol/Ethylene Glycol Screening Technologies’ at Jesus College, in Oxford, from April 9 to 12.

10 April 2024

IPEC Federation Connect 1/2024

Welcome to our first 2024 issue of the IPEC Federation bulletin, which we hope you will find interesting. In this edition, we delve into the priority objectives for 2024 and regional updates.